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Barn Wood and Hot Rolled Steel Hanging Headboard, Queen
Barn Wood and Hot Rolled Steel Hanging Headboard, Queenby URBAN LUMBER Co.
Rustic and brimming with charm, the Barn Wood and Hot Rolled Steel Hanging Headboard is a treasure for your bedroom decor. Featuring natural wood with deep, rich brown and red coloration, it fills your room with charm and distinction alike. Style it behind your rustic, minimalist, or industrial style bed for a beautiful, cohesive look. ***Terms of Service: Each piece of furniture is a work of art. This item is artisan crafted with meticulous care. Given its handmade and organic nature, variations in the wood are to be expected and celebrated. Each item is unique and no two are exactly alike. Real slab wood materials have inherent inconsistencies, natural defects and irregularities that are part of their unique nature. Solid wood adjusts different times of the year in response to the moisture in the air. In a sense, the wood breathes. You may notice your slab furniture move and develop small cracks or dips. This is normal and is considered to be a desired patina effect. Slab furniture cannot be compared to other solid wood furniture pieces. Most Urban Lumber Company products are protected under the One Year Limited Warranty. This warranty guards the original purchaser against defects in material and workmanship error. Urban Lumber Company will repair or replace at our option any faulty product deemed to have been caused by manufacturing defects. This warranty does not apply to rustic grade wood, galvanized or stainless steel material, as-is items or display samples. *** Fissures & Inlays: Using salvaged wood has many advantages. Our trees are usually felled due to age, disease, or city planning, and instead of being sent to landfills, our team salvages them to use for a variety of custom projects. Beyond the sustainability aspect, the lifestyle of these city trees directly relates to the extremely character-rich grain and myriad of colors that our wood is known for. The larger the slab, the older the tree, and the older the tree, the more diverse and interesting grain it yields. With these curvaceous textures there are also knots, voids and splits that are natural in the wood. Our talented craftsmen take these imperfections and showcase them as beautiful attributes that make each piece of furniture unique. Smaller voids or cracks are typically filled with a black epoxy resin to give a solid, smooth surface. With longevity in mind, some larger dips or splits will require a wood inlay to help stabilize the wood and prevent any additional fissures later. The inlay is chiseled in by hand and since the angles of the bow-tie shape are unique to each company, they act as the artisan’s signature in the wood. Inlays can be made from a matching wood material to blend them into the color and grain of the piece, or they can be produced from a contrasting wood to create a striking statement. It is up to the discretion of our artisans to make the decision of where and when to add these features. Each slab of wood is hand-selected for each project to best suit our client’s needs. However, when a project is quite large there is a more likely chance of needing these inlays and resin details to ensure the durability of the end product. Since real wood is a living material, such as stone, routine maintenance is required to keep wood furniture looking its best. Although our craftsmen pour hours into the details of each piece to ensure it is set up for decades of use, the material inherently develops hairline fissures that can grow and diminish based on the climate and humidity. This is normal. These cracks are not relevant to the structure of the table. The wood, in a sense, breathes. This is real wood material and the effect is completely natural and truly quite beautiful. If you notice that the wood looks dry use an orange or beeswax oil (we suggest using Howard’s Feed N’ Wax) to bring back a natural luster on a monthly basis. This buffing solution may also be used to take out minor scratches in the finish as well.Read More
Handcrafted Headboard, Leaner Style, Rustic Mix, Queen
Handcrafted Headboard, Leaner Style, Rustic Mix, Queenby Barn Walls(12)
Transform your room with an exclusive handcrafted headboard made with new, real, thick wood, here in the USA, by us. Set your room apart with a one of a kind handmade headboard unique to your space. Give your beautiful bedroom an eye pleasing design with a stylish look and originality. Built with individual panels that are placed side by side and leaned on the wall after they are assembled together. The bed acts as the main support to the headboard. Double side Velcro strips that sticks on the wall are including for additional support. Headboard is very sturdy and will not move or bang against the wall. Attaching to a bed frame is optional. Each panel measures W 21.5 x H 58 inches, and weighs approximately 19 lbs. The full headboard includes one smaller panel 12.5 x 58 inches. The panels are solid wood that we hand distress to give them a rustic, antique or weathered look. Because the panels are made from distressed wood, there will be some natural variations like knots or splits. Some boards might be even slightly warped. These aren't defects, but natural imperfections which add to the charm of your one of kind headboard. If you love our designs but are looking for more budget friendly option, we also have Hanger styles where they hang on the wall, similar to hanging picture frames. For more information, please visit the "Hanger" section by clicking on the manufacturer name Barn Walls. Style: Leaner Size: Queen Design: Rustic Mix Colors: Honey stain, coastal gray stain, whitewash weathered, golden oak stain, dark walnut stain Number of panels included in this set: 3 Overall Dimensions: W 64.5 x H 58 inches *** Picture on display is a Queen size headboardRead More
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