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Swedish Dishcloth Mid-Century Modern, Rows of Bikes, Black and White on Gray
Swedish Dishcloth Mid-Century Modern, Rows of Bikes, Black and White on Grayby Trendy Tripper(1)
THE SWEDISH ECO-FRIENDLY DISHCLOTH: All Swedish Dishcloths sold by Trendy Tripper are made in Europe with natural fibers 70% cellulose wood pulp and 30% recycled cotton. The sponge cloth fabric was invented in 1949 by a Swedish engineer. The sponge cloth absorbs 15 times its weight in water and is very useful in wiping nearly all household surfaces. The wet sponge cloth is soft like a chamois. The Swedish dishcloth dries very quickly which discourages bacteria from growing! This is key to having a clean kitchen. Allow it to dry after use and it should feel clean and not smell like the usual sponges do. The dishcloth is machine washable or can be washed on top shelf in the dishwasher. It may be washed a couple hundred times. When your cloth has reached its life expectancy, toss in your compost heap because it is biodegradable! Packaged in our own packaging that explains the intended uses and care. Perfect for gift giving. Our dishcloths featuring the Trendy Tripper logo are designed exclusively for us and printed in Sweden on European made sponge cloth using safe, water-soluble ink. SPONGE CLOTH: Each measures 6.75" x 8". Do not confuse these with a dish towel or tea towel. The Swedish dishcloth when wet is intended for gently wiping up spills and cleaning household surfaces including counter tops, granite, stainless steel, refrigerator shelves, glass, non-stick surfaces and more. REPLACE PAPER TOWEL: Will withstand a couple hundred washings. Each dishcloth will replace 15-17 rolls of paper towel. This concept will not only save money but will also be friendly to our planet because there will be much less waste. NATURAL ECO-FRIENDLY AND BIODEGRADABLE FABRIC and SUPER ABSORBENT. Dries quickly.Read More
6-Pack Premia Dish Towels, White and Yellow
6-Pack Premia Dish Towels, White and Yellowby Liliane Collection(10)
Premia Commercial Dish Towels White Herringbone Towels (6-Pack) Commercial Grade Commercial towels are thin and light, highly absorbent, fast drying, and produce minimal lint. Classic white towels with center stripes in yellow complement any kitchen decor. Sewn edges and Herringbone weave add a touch of distinction. Perfect for the "professional" chef in every family, these towels are similar to those used in many restaurant and hotel kitchens. Towels can be washed with regular bleach. The Green Alternative to Paper Towels Save money: Buy fewer paper towels. Save the environment: Produce less waste. Perfect Size for All Types of Kitchen Duties Dry silverware, dishes and stemware fast and easily. Dry fruit and produce. Cover bread dough, freshly baked bread, and cold meat cuts. Can be used as placemats and BBQ or lobster napkins. Multiple Other Uses Great towel for home bars. Hand towel for workshop, garage and car. Ideal gym/workout towel. Keep a few in your gym bag. Great for shaving, drying razors and cleaning the counter/sink. Clean windows, mirrors and computer screens. Washing and Care Instructions Wash towels before first use. Towels will lose any lint remaining from the weaving process, and will become softer and more absorbent after washing. You may wash towels in hot water with bleach. Do not use fabric softener. Dry towels in low heat/delicate cycle to minimize shrinkage.Read More
Outstanding table linens can turn a good meal into a great meal. Think about it — gorgeous place settings, a coordinated tablecloth, placemats and napkins — somehow they make the food taste that much better. The truth is, it’s all about the atmosphere, and owning a variety of table linen sets that can be mixed and matched for any occasion is key to creating that desired ambience. Read on for more helpful table linen tips.

As you’re shopping for new linens, consider what you already own and how any new additions will complement them. For those just starting their table linen collection, go for the basics and dress them up with creative napkin rings or place cards. Guests always appreciate personal touches; plus, you’ll be able to reuse those same napkins, tablecloths and placemats at the next gathering.

Having the proper kitchen linens for prep and cleanup is just as important. Throw on an apron to save your clothing from the inevitable spills and splatters that occur while cooking; the fun patterns that aprons come in will make chopping and stirring feel like a party in itself! Washable dish towels are an eco-friendly solution to wiping up said spills and splatters from all surfaces, and also double as stylish kitchen decor. Don’t forget to have oven mitts and pot holders handy for transferring piping-hot dishes to the table — third-degree burns would certainly spoil even the nicest ambience.

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