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30W 3-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security Light, 3000K Warm White, White
30W 3-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security Light, 3000K Warm White, Whiteby W86 Trading Co., LLC(2)
This 3-head LED outdoor security light is the perfect lighting device for your exterior living space. Design with durable and rugged housing, this outdoor light can resist weather, UV and erosion. It provides you a long-lasting and stable lighting performance. High Sensitivity This light has a highly sensitive motion sensor with 180° sensing angle and max 70ft detection range. Auto on when motion is detected and auto off certain time after no motion is detected (5 sec to 5 min). Easy Adjustment The three light heads are adjustable. They have a flexible of axes rotation for 355° and swinging for 180°, which will make the light covers a wide area. So you can adjust the direction as you need. Besides, the security light has 360° rotational dark-sky-friendly lens hood, which mitigates of light pollution. Working Modes - Auto Mode (for nighttime operation): Auto-on when motion is detected and auto-off from 5 seconds to 5 minutes when no further motion has been detected. - ON-TIME MODE: Works like a normal lamp which is turned on/off manually. - D2D MODE (Dusk to Dawn): Rotate the lux knob to minimum, then in 5-50 lux light intensity, the light will bypass motions, when day comes and the light intensity reaches 35-400 lux, the light will be turned off automatically. Note: Detection range may vary with the installation height and the dimension of objects that the motion sensor detects. Specifications: Voltage: AC 100-277V Wattage: 30W Detection distance: MAX 70ft (adjustable) Time setting: 5 sec. to 5 min. Working temp: -4°F-113°F Waterproof: Wet location Luminous Flux: 2700lm CCT: 3000K warm white Lifespan: 50,000hrs Material: Aluminum & PCRead More
160° Motion Activated Outdoor Integrated LED Solar Security Flood Light, Pure Wh
160° Motion Activated Outdoor Integrated LED Solar Security Flood Light, Pure Whby eLEDing(5)
eLEDing, EE805W56, eLEDing provides a combination of affordable solar driven illumination with outstanding overall performance. It is a self-contained light with quick DIY and unique one-step-set up features. It's built in customer-friendly features allow users to enjoy an adjustment-free application and there isn't any need to change batteries. This light-weight unit is particularly designed for simple operation in outdoor applications. This unit will provide a true dusk to dawn moonlight illuminating profile all night long when motion is not sensed and light up to full brightness automatically when motion is sensed. Its 56 LED daylight illumination is the equivalent of up to a 50-Watt standard bulb. It's particularly useful for all types of residential, commercial and recreational applications. And it also can be used as portable backup lighting during AC power outages or limited power supply. Affordable price with long operating life cycles, quick mounting and easy set-up features Provides continuous illumination for up to 40+ hours with dimming moonlight profile Uses a high grade lithium battery (8WH capacity) with a life cycle up to 10 times longer than traditional batteries Built with 2-Watt outstanding solar panel, designed to offer simple operation and long-term use without battery replacement and setting Light provides a sensing range up to 30 ft. and bright-full on delay time up to 30 seconds Light's operating temperature range is from -13°F (-25°C) to +113°F (+45°C) IP65 waterproof Offers year round unlimited practical uses for residential, commercial, recreational and portable applicationsRead More
30 Watt LED Flood Light, 100V-305VAC, 3900K Natural White, 100 Degree Beam Angle
30 Watt LED Flood Light, 100V-305VAC, 3900K Natural White, 100 Degree Beam Angleby E-LED Lighting(1)
The FL Series LED Flood Lights from E-LED Lighting are manufactured using the most modern components available on the market. Although many floodlights look alike, there is a distinct difference in the manufacturing process of E-LED Flood Lights versus some of the other brands out there. E-LED Lighting flood lights were originally designed to operate in the harsh environments of the commercial marine industry. They use ceramic based chip LEDs from Bridgelux (Made in the USA) and the drivers are mounted to a vibration resistant housing. All fasteners, rings, and nuts, including the bracket, are made of high-quality marine grade A4 316 stainless steel. It?s important to note the lumens/watt when comparing flood lights. E-LED flood lights have a 100 lumen/watt light output. Therefore our 10W has a 1,000 lumen output, our 30W has a 3,000 lumen output, and so on. E-LED floodlights are available in 10W, 30W, 50W, and 80W models which is a halogen equivalent range of 50-700 Watts. They?re available in a grey or white double powder coat finish which eliminates the potential for corrosion from harsh or saltwater environments. All gaskets are specially designed and manufactured for use in harsh environments and are saltwater, oil, and lubricant resistant. The housings also feature a special ventilation gland which is used to ensure the air pressure inside the housing remains the same as the ambient environment to prevent fogging.Read More
Accent-Light LED 12V Adjustable Beam and Output 2700K, Black
Accent-Light LED 12V Adjustable Beam and Output 2700K, Blackby WAC Lighting
Simplicity meets function and durability with this ground breaking patented WAC Landscape Lighting Accent Light, available in 12V LED or 120V LED and 2700K Warm White or 3000K Soft White color temperature options. One fixture fits all applications, eliminating the need to choose from dozens of varying beam angles and light outputs found in traditional landscape fixtures. This Accent Light features continuous beam adjustment from 60 degree flood to 10 degree spot, and light output modification from 16W to 2W (14.5 to 3.5 in 120V). A Quick and simple twist of the fixture at indexed intervals allows continuous adjustment of the beam angle to perform the consolidated task of dozens of comparable landscape lights. Factory sealed water tight and IP66 rated for protection against high-pressure water jets and outdoor elements. Luminaire includes a detachable shroud, mounting stake (Low Voltage Only), 6ft lead wire and direct burial gel filled wire nuts. Power supply is required for 12V option, additional accessories are available for various mounting and installation options. Available in a bronze finish with a K-alloy aluminum construction or a bronze finish with a solid brass construction. K-alloy aluminum can be used in coastal and marine environments. Brass provides enhanced protection against corrosive elements and is recommended in coastal and marine environments. Factory sealed water tight and IP66 rated for protection against high-pressure water jets and outdoor elements. Features patented continuously adjustable beam angle from 60 degree flood to 10 degree spot and continuously adjustable light output from 16W to 2W (14.5 to 3.5 in 120V). Includes a detachable shroud, mounting stake (Low Voltage Only), 6ft lead wire and direct burial gel filled wire nuts. Magnetic or Electronic Power supply is required for 12V version. Use M6000-STAKE Power Spike for Line Voltage. High Powered LED, Input: 9-15V AC, Power: 2-16W (23VA), Brightness: 190-1045Lm, Beam Angle: 10-60Deg, CRI: 85, Rated Hours: 70,000. Standards: UL & cUL 1838 and IP66 Rated for Wet Locations.Read More
LED Outdoor Barn Light, Photocell Included, 50W, 420W, 5000K Daylight
LED Outdoor Barn Light, Photocell Included, 50W, 420W, 5000K Daylightby W86 Trading Co., LLC
Super Bright LED Barn Light: Classic barn shaped design that uses a 50W LED bulb to produce a brightness of 5800 LM. No more Hassle: This yard light is designed with integrated light bulb that doesn't require replacement, saving you the inconveniences that come with replacing light bulb. Dusk-to-Dawn: This classic outdoor barn lamp has a build-in photo sensor that switches the light off in the day and switches the light back on in the night. Energy Saving: Replaces the traditional 420 Watt lighting equipment and will save you up to $2035 in electricity cost (based on 3 hours per day usage) over the product's lifetime. Durable and Safe: ETL certified, with built-in lightning protection. Comes with 5-year quality assurances. Benefits: - The barn light fixture comes with a more stable operation and last longer. It has an aluminum casing and an extended back plate that radiates the light better. - The shade is uniquely design to avoid dazzling your eyes. - Without the need to replace light bulb, our lamp is a single unit design to save you the inconveniences that comes with replacing light bulbs. - With the built-in light sensor, the lamp automatically switches off in the day and automatically switches on in the night, providing the perfect lighting solution. - ETL certified, replaces the traditional 420 Watts lighting that saves you up to $2035 in electricity (based on 3 hours per day usage) in the product's lifetime. Classic Design The classic design of this barn light combines with the latest LED technology offers the best quality lighting in a traditional look and only consume 1/8 the energy of the traditional lighting. This product will be your best replacement for vintage light. Industrial-grade Lighting Equipment This barn light uses 56 individual LED beads, giving off up to 5800 LM of ultra-bright light. The lamp works between -29 degree F and 129 degree F and has an IP65 waterproof safety rating, making it suitable for most outdoor applications while providing an industrial-grade lighting effect. Specifications: Power: 50W Voltage: 100V-277V CCT: 5000K Luminous flux: 5800 lumens Lifespan: 50,000 hrs CRI: >80 Source: SMD Beam angle: >90 degree LED QTY: 56 pcs Waterproof rating: IP65 Surface color: brown Dimmable: no Working temp: -29 degree F-129 degree FRead More
Your outdoor lighting can be extremely important, especially where home safety and security are concerned. An easy way to illuminate the outside of your home, both front and back, is with a floodlight or two. While a bright, white spotlight may sound like a nightmare for both you and your neighbors, rest assured that today’s modern security lights come with several features to keep the peace. Find outdoor eave lighting to illuminate your home exterior from our wide collection of flood and spot lights.

What features can my security lights provide?

Such features include sensors that detect the arrival of dusk as well as its departure, allowing the floodlight to turn on when needed and power off when daylight takes over. Another handy feature is motion-sensing capability. A motion-sensor light will stay turned off until it detects movement within a certain range, typically within a 180-degree radius and up to 74 feet away. If movement is detected, it will turn on to illuminate any would-be nighttime prowlers (or possibly even visitors who’ve arrived late and need to see your walkway). Be warned, however, that a motion-sensor light may not be the best choice for your home if it’s located near a busy street or sidewalk.

Where should I install my LED spotlights?

The location of your security lights is extremely important. Naturally you’ll want them to fully illuminate your targeted area without causing temporary blindness or waking up your neighbors. So you’ll want to mount them at least 9 feet from the ground and so that the light is pointed at a downward angle — around 22 degrees. Make sure it’s not pointed at your neighbors’ homes — or your windows or doors, for that matter.

Are LED spotlights the best option?

Along with LEDs, your security lights can feature a variety of different bulb types. Which you choose depends on the energy efficiency and longevity you desire. Here’s a quick rundown of the various types:
• LED: An LED spotlight or LED floodlight can provide a high level of energy efficiency and perhaps the longest lifespan of all the bulbs on the market. They consume less energy than fluorescent bulbs and can last up to 50,000 hours, according to manufacturers. LED lights are perfect for security purposes, since they provide a bright, white light almost instantly. However, they do require a hefty up-front investment.
• Solar: If you’re extremely concerned about energy efficiency, solar-powered lights are your best choice. However, similar to LEDs, solar lights can be an expensive investment at the start, and you’ll want to make sure you place them in an area that receives ample sunlight during the day. This will further restrict the locations where you can place your security lights, so if solar-powered is the route you’d like to go, it may be beneficial to map out the location of your lights beforehand to make sure you can place them in prime areas.
• Halogen: One of the more common choices, halogen features a fairly long lifespan (typically 2,000 hours or more) and a bright, steady light. Halogen bulbs do, however, become extremely hot while in operation, so ensure your halogen floodlights are out of reach of any children or pets.
• High-intensity discharge (HID): If you’re looking for premium energy efficiency, you can’t beat an HID light. These have been rated as being up to 90 percent more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. This efficiency comes at a slight performance cost, however, in that HID spotlights require extra time to power up to their full intensity.
• Fluorescent: These are rated as more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and have been known to last up to 10 times longer. Because they contain a small amount of mercury, fluorescent bulbs must also be properly disposed of. They do tend to be cheaper than HID and halogen types, however, which makes them a fairly cost-effective choice.
• Incandescent: Your traditional bulb type, an incandescent can work well as a floodlight provided it has a high enough wattage. They require only a small payment up front; however, they are the least energy-efficient choice on the market. If you do choose to use incandescent bulbs in your security lights, keep in mind that the U.S. government plans to eventually phase these out, so you may have trouble finding replacement incandescent bulbs in the future.

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